A Tale of Two Names

A Tale of Two Names

When we opened our Beaverton shop we never could have imagined how much we would grow and expand. Now reaching our 5 year anniversary in Beaverton and almost 2 years in Cannon Beach, we have learned that as relationships evolve, so do businesses. 

Over the last two years we have learned so much about owning two shops and it has become apparent that our stores which started out as twins, are actually more like sisters. When we first opened Cannon Beach, our goal was always to carry our core items but also have a diverse selection of goods to make sure the shopping experience was unique to each location. What we have learned though is that Cannon Beach and our shop there has it's own personality and has organically grown into its own shop.

We have made the decision on honor the growth of the shops as individuals and rebrand our Cannon Beach store to allow each location to continue to grow independently. So yeah, in a way we are kind of breaking up, but it's totally mutual and a good thing. Coming up with a name was quite a process but we have chosen Antler + Alder, which we feel still pays homage to our roots and sister store, Staghorn Mercantile.

Most things won't be impacted but a few things to note are:

1. Each store will have their own website and Instagram

2. Staghorn Mercantile gift cards will only be redeemable at Staghorn Mercantile in Beaverton or their website, same with Antler + Alder gift cards and being redeemable only at the Cannon Beach shop or their website.

As always we are so appreciative for all the support and continuing to allow us to grow and serve the community. We are so thankful.


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